2008 Edublog Awards

The winners of the 2008 Eddies are….

1. Best individual blog

The English Blog

2. Best group blog

SCC English

3. Best new blog

Angela Maiers

4. Best resource sharing blog

Free Technology for Teachers

5. Most influential blog post

Order for Closure

6. Best teacher blog

The Cool Cat Teacher

7. Best librarian / library blog

Hey Jude

8. Best educational tech support blog

Teachers love Smartboards

9. Best elearning / corporate education blog

eLearning Technology

10. Best educational use of audio

Ed Tech Talk

11. Best educational use of video / visual

Steve Spangler blog

12. Best educational wiki

Flat Classroom Project 2008

13. Best educational use of a social networking service

Classroom 2.0

14. Best educational use of a virtual world

Discovery Education Second Life

15. Best class blog

Extreme Biology

16. Lifetime achievement

David Warlick

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